clean bridal updo

clean bridal updo

Sometimes it's not easy to create a hairstyle that is both clean and, at the same time, exceptionally airy and fluffy, especially when working with dark hair.

In this post, I will show you the steps and the products I used to create this hairstyle.

Stage 1: Crimping for Elegance and Volume

In the first step, I carefully prepared the hair in the crown area using a remarkable hairstyling tool known as a crimper. This ingenious device not only adds volume but also coaxes the hair to "listen" to my creative touch. As a result, it imparts a perfect blend of volume and clean lines to the overall look.

Stage 2: Crafting Crown Perfection

To further enhance the regal appearance, I employed a technique that involves backcombing the hair. With the help of volumizing powder applied to the crown area, I achieved the desired height and volume, setting the stage for an exquisite crown. The meticulously designed shape was then secured in place with the precision of hairpins, ensuring that the artistry would endure.

Stage 3: Bun Elegance and Silky Finish

The central focus of this captivating hairstyle is the elegant bun. Constructing it required the expertise of a hairstylist's touch. To achieve the desired silky finish and a touch of hold, I used a wax spray, meticulously crafting the bun. It was meticulously secured with pins, and a hair cream was added to the ends as needed, preserving the natural beauty of the hair while it was elegantly sculpted.

Stage 4: Meticulous Baby Hair and Stray Hair Perfection

Attention to detail is paramount, even for those tiny, delicate baby hairs and stray strands. These were seamlessly and gracefully tamed with the precision of a strong liquid spray. Every hair was perfectly in place, ensuring that this bridal updo was a masterpiece of both elegance and sophistication.

If you'd like to see a video tutorial for this look and similar styles, you're welcome to visit our Instagram page for a wealth of inspiration and guidance.

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