Hot Tools: The Ultimate Essentials in My Bridal Hairstylist Kit

Hot Tools: The Ultimate Essentials in My Bridal Hairstylist Kit

As a bridal hairstylist, my kit is a treasure trove of tools designed to turn dreams into reality. Among the myriad tools, hot tools like curlers, crimpers, straighteners, and blow dryers are the unsung heroes. These versatile essentials play a pivotal role in crafting those stunning bridal looks that make brides feel like royalty. In this blog post, I'm excited to share how these hot tools have earned their place in my pro kit and how they work their magic.

1. Curling Iron: Waves of Elegance

A professional-grade curling iron is a fundamental tool in the bridal hairstylist's kit. With soft waves or bouncy curls, it's crucial to have a curler that heats up to a high temperature and has a long stick to work with all hair lengths. The ability to reach the root and shape curls is essential for crafting stunning bridal styles.

Recommended sizes of curling irons:

1" inch - classic. Can be used for medium-sized curls, Beach Waves, and more. The most useful size in my suitcase.
1.25" inch - for big and open curls or wavy hair.
0.5" inch - excellent for beach waves with a lot of texture, or for curly hair with small curls

Recommended curling irons:
ghd Classic Curl Hair Curling Iron ― 1"

Hot Tools Pro Artist 24K Gold Curling Iron- all sizes


2. Hair Crimper: A Game-Changer

Crimping has made a stylish comeback, and a crimper is a must-have in my kit. The innovative design of its plates, featuring ultra-fine, wavy teeth, allows it to add volume and texture without leaving marks on the hair. Unlike many crimpers on the market, these special teeth ensure a flawless finish – a game-changer for both hairstylists and their clients.

Recommended crimper:
After testing dozens of crimpers from around the world, I ended up crafting one that suits my exact needs – it adds volume and texture to the hair without leaving marks. If you're interested, you can grab one here.


3. Hair Straightener: The Versatile Choice

While I primarily opt for other tools, there are occasions when a hair straightener becomes indispensable. It excels at creating "flat curls" and mini straightener taming those tiny baby hairs around the face.  Choose the one that fits your needs, and you'll have a versatile tool for creating bridal magic.

Recommended straighteners:
ghd Platinum+ Styler
Wavytalk 3/10" Small Flat Iron - mini (for baby hair)

4. Quality Blow Dryer: A Bridal Essential

A quality blow dryer is a necessity for achieving the perfect bridal hairstyle. It's often overlooked, but the blowout's success depends on the dryer itself. It's not just about straightening the hair; it adds volume, shape, and life to the locks. A high-quality blow dryer ensures your bride's hair looks flawless from the beginning to the end of her special day.

Recommended blow dryers:
BaBylissPRO Hair Dryer

These hot tools are the backbone of my bridal hairstylist kit. They offer precision, versatility, and the power to transform a bride's vision into reality. Whether I'm crafting soft waves, adding volume, or ensuring a hairstyle holds throughout the day, these hot tools are my trusted companions.
For even more expert recommendations and in-depth insights into essential hair products, don't forget to check out my comprehensi free ebook – the ultimate guide for hairstylists. Let's continue celebrating the art of bridal hairstyling together!
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